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Vitiligo is a complex disorder, with various possible causes and secondary disorders. With this webshop I hope to be able to help many people with the acceptance of their white spots and with products for care and support.

There are several ways to care for vitiligo. Many people opt for using Novitil, a thin, translucent gel that you apply twice a day. This can be combined with natural sunlight or with a special UVB 311nm short wave lamp.

Some say Novitil is the best product for Vitiligo

Our product Novitil® has been developed for effective support of your skin…It has been called a marvellous, incredible product for Vitiligo: it can give you back not just the natural look and feel of your skin but also the renewed confidence you are looking for…so you are free to conquer new horizons, to pursue your dreams…

Combine with sunlight or UVB

Regular use of the product and exposure to light are of the essence. It is a gradual process. Consistency is the key to success.


Vitiligo cream Novitil® available here at Vitiligoshop

Vitiligo cream

Without steroids

UVB Phototherapy

Our handlamps are easy to use

What other vitiligo patients say about this treatment

Makeup to cover vitiligo

Besides treating vitiligo, camouflage is also a good and frequently used option to cover the spots. The Coverderm series is very suitable for this. The vitiligo makeup is available in various shades and covers very well. It is waterproof, so sweating in the sun or having a swim in the pool is no problem! To determine your correct color, you can order a handy and luxurious sample set.

Sunscreen for vitiligo

High protection sunscreen Factor 50, available in 3 different colors and cares for the skin.


With Copper promotes normal skin pigmentation

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Marc Inbane self tanner

For a long-lasting camouflage of your stains, choose Marc Inbane tanning spray or mousse. The best self-tanner we could find gives a beautiful complexion and is easy to use. Do you have a party, do you want to wear those shorts in the summer, or walk around in a bikini or swimsuit without worries? And do you not feel like applying a camouflage cream every day? The self-tanner is a perfect alternative.

Frequently Asked Questions about Vitiligo creams

Many people have questions about how to cope with their vitiligo.We have listed the most frequently asked questions below, if you have any other questions please feel free to contact us at

There are many home remedies. They have in common that they support your immune system and your general well-being.

Nowadays, vitiligo is usually diagnosed as an autoimmune disorder. Since there are many different underlying causes for autoimmune disorders and all people are different, there is no single product that works best for everyone. That said, if you consider using a product the only way to find out whether it will work for you is to try it.

You can try to use a vitiligo cream, but since it is an auto immune disorder it is hard to tell you what really works.

There is no cure for this skin depigmentation disorder. However, you can use a vitiligo cream for care and support.  If your vitiligo becomes active again, the white spots will return and new spots may appear.  At that moment it is important to start using vitiligo cream as soon as possible. The sooner you start the better.

Sometimes vitiligo stops spreading. It is not known if that is because you used a product or if it is a natural process.

On the internet you can find many new products and what people think might work.

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