“Why this webshop for vitiligo patients?”

My first vitiligo spots became visible on my hands. After some time I went to the GP. He was not sure what it was, but he thought of fungus. The cream I got did work, after which the Vitiligo diagnosis was made, with the statement: “There’s nothing to do about it, learn to live with it.”

A move to another city and many years later, my new doctor asked me immediately: “Do you do anything about your vitiligo?” After my surprised answer, there was nothing to do about it I heard, I received a referral letter to the SNIP (Dutch Institute for Pigment Disorders) at the AMC in Amsterdam. I have been under treatment for years and I am impressed with all the knowledge they have built there.

At the dermatologist I received various (hormone) cremes, which unfortunately did not help. I also had UVB light therapy, which brought pigment back into the white spots. However, the vitiligo came back, so I wanted to find a more effective treatment. I found Novitil. I started to use it, and see good results. Especially on my knees, legs and face, the pigment comes back well.

I am very pleased with Novitil and would like to offer other Dutch people the opportunity to use this beautiful product. Novitil is a product of Dermabest in Canada and has shown good results for over 15 years. Since the start of our webshop in 2010, many people in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe have also been able to use Novitil. Novitil in combination with sunlight or UVA or UVB lamp gives good results.

About me

I have had vitiligo since I was 28, now for over 20 years. I’m not happy with it and I wish I had no or fewer spots. However, it does not bother me in everything I do and sometimes I even forget that I have it. It just belongs to me. Novitil, UVB and nutritional supplements allow me to get rid of the spots in my face, knees and legs, the spots on my hands and feet I have accepted, they are so difficult to repigmentate that I have stopped treatment. My husband and children do not know better than I have white spots and are used to it. If people ask for it, I tell them what it is and that’s fine too.

The psychosocial consequences

Many vitiligo patients experience to a greater or lesser extent the psychosocial consequences of this condition. The biggest problem is often experienced in social contacts. You just do not like it if everyone can see the white spots on the skin and say something about it. This often results in avoidance behavior: you do not go swimming any more, do not wear short shorts or skirts and also wear a scarf around your neck or a long sleeve shirt on the warmest days. These feelings are not always taken seriously by the dermatologist, but can have a major influence on someone’s life.


With this webshop for vitiligo patients I hope to help many people to accept their white spots, and to give hope for a solution in the end.