DermaBest Regenerative Cream

DermaBest® Regenerative Cream is an advanced formulation developed to promote skin regeneration. It is ideal for the treatment of aging or wrinkled skin. DermaBest® Regenerative Cream delivers corrective and restorative benefits to scars resulting from acne, laser treatment, surgery, burns, injuries, and stretch marks. It also delivers skin tightening and toning benefits. It helps the skin regain and preserve its vitality, elasticity, and its normal healthy complexion, without the need of using aggressive procedures. It promotes rejuvenation. It helps to make your skin vibrant and smooth.


Just for skincare

DermaBest® Regenerative Cream is a wonderful rich cream, which has special properties that protects the skin against aging.

Apply DermaBest® Regenerative Cream twice a day, for as long as required. Rub it with a firm, circular massage movement on the treated areas using your fingertip. This facilitates absorption and deeper action. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Dermabest® Regenerative Cream

If you have any questions about DermaBest® Regenerative Cream, please feel free to contact us via You can view the answers to the most frequently asked questions below.

Generally the signs of improvement begin to appear within the first week of daily use.

Not everybody will see the same type of response. However, you will see a gradual improvement of symptoms like redness, itching, scaling, cracked skin, chopped hands, etc. depending on your specific skin condition.

Unlike results obtained with the use of steroid creams, DermaBest® Regenerative Cream has special properties that produce more natural, complete and lasting results.

Yes, there are a number of things that will help heal and protect your skin, like drinking enough water and protect your skin from weather conditions.

Yes, it is. Nutrition is important to enhance the function of the immune system and nurture and protect your skin.

Depending on the specific condition, its severity, and duration, DermaBest® Regenerative Cream is used for a period that may vary from a week or two to eight weeks or more, if necessary.

Twice or three times a day depending on the severity of your skin condition.

Conditions that will benefit from DermaBest® Regenerative Cream include Dermatitis / Eczema, Psoriasis, Dry Skin, and dry hands, among others.

DermaBest® Regenerative Cream works softly and effectively on your skin. It can be used in cases of a sensitive skin.