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If you have a health problem or skin disorder, please consult a qualified physician before you start any kind of treatment. Novitil has virtually no side effects. It is made so that it is easy and safe to use. When skin depigmentation increases Dermabest Novitil the natural resources of the skin to responding to adequate physical stimuli (such as sunlight and artificial UV light) in producing natural pigments. It is used as an adjunct to light treatment in order to help the skin to improve its color, or to recover. It should not be considered as a cure for any particular skin problems. It has no effect on any underlying process that is associated with discoloration of the skin. The cause of skin discoloration is complex and varied. People with skin discoloration should normally have a carefully tailored consultation on the person before deciding which way is best.

Other skin problems such as psoriasis, eczema, etc. must be carefully and individually before a decision can be the best way to proceed. A qualified doctor should be visited before any treatment can be started.

Dermabest Inc. and Art2Start give no guarantee positive outcomes for 100% of users. Novitil is configured such that virtually excludes allergic reactions or irritations. This does not exclude that a certain person allergic or characteristic (personal) conditions skin reaction may exhibit. Dermabest Inc. and Art2Start disclaim all responsibility for any damage to any user suffers as a result of applying this product by hand.
Novitil should only be used externally.

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