Do you also have Vitiligo yourself?

Yes, I have Vitiligo since 1995. It started when I was about 28 years old on my hands. After some time I got white spots in other places, such as knees, feet, elbows. I started using Novitil and a lot of spots dissappeared. Whenever I get new spots, I use Novitil immediately to get rid of them.

Have you tried other treatments?

Ja, ik heb bij het SNIP (Instituut voor Pigmentstoornissen in Amsterdam) enkele behandelingen ondergaan. Twee keer een Yes, I have undergone several treatments at the SNIP (Institute for Pigment Disorders in Amsterdam). Twice a UVB light treatment for a year, a pilot mini-grafting and various creams such as Protopic, Emovate, Cutivate. The light treatment helped both times, but unfortunately the white spots came back again after some time.

Why this VitiligoShop?

After an extensive search on the Internet, where I had seen several treatments, Novitil of DermaBest seemed to me the best method of treatment. I started to use this products with good results. The idea for a special shop for Vitiligo patients was born. I searched for other products which Vitiligo patients could benefit of, and know we have a lot of wonderful products in the shop.

I still miss a product in the shop

If you miss other products that you would like to purchase as Vitiligo patient, please let know by sending an email at