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Vitiligo is a pigmentation disorder causing white spots on the skin. It is essentially a harmless condition, but you can still have a lot of problems with it. The sun burns the skin very often and can cause pain or itching. The biggest problem is often experienced in social contacts. You just dont like it when everyone can see your white spots. This results often in avoidance behavior: you’re not swimming, wear no shorts or skirts and even on the hottest days, have a scarf around your neck, or a long-sleeved shirt on.

Treatment of your vitiligo: Dermabest Novitil

Like so many vitiligo patients I searched for the treatment which could help me to get rid off these white spots. After extensive research on the internet I found Dermabest Novitil. I started using it, at first on my hands and then also on my knees and face. Especially on my knees, legs and face I see very good results.

I’m very happy with Novitil and wished to offer other persons the opportunity to use this wonderful product. Novitil is a product of Dermabest in Canada and has been showing very good results for more than 15 years. Dermabest stopped selling directly to customers because of personal reasons, but the original Dermabest Novitil will continue to be available in our VitiligoShop. Lots of people worldwide already ordered their products with us. Join them. If you start now, you might wear that nice short next summer!

Coverderm camouflage

For those who prefer to camouflage their white spots, we offer a complete line of Coverderm. This camouflage brand has some nice products, that cover the white spots very well. It’s waterproof, so sweating in the sun or enjoy a swim in the pool is not a problem! To determine the right color, you can order a sample set of 3 colors. Recently, we added the Perfect Legs Fluid to our assortment. Herewith it is finally possible to cover darker coloured skins.

UVB light therapy

Dermatologists say that UVB light therapy is the best way to treat vitiligo. You can do so in the hospital, but we offer you handy UVB lamps for home use. It is the best combination to use with Novitil.

Easy to order, worldwide shipping

You can order as many products you wish in our shop, we ship it asap to you. For more information on delivery times and shipment costs, please check our customer services pages.

Do you have any questions on our products or treatment of vitiligo in general, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can also check our FAQ.

I wish you all a beautiful bronzed skin!


Dermabest Novitil and UVB light therapy


Coverderm Foundation

Sun care

SPF 50 with a color


New website

As the regular visitors can see, VitiligoShop is completely renewed. The website looks fresher and clearer, and it has also become easier to order. We still offer high-quality products, such as Dermabest


My name is Jeannette Kershof, I’m 51 years old and I have vitiligo since my 28th. I discovered white spots on my hands and went to the GP. At first, I received

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