Novitil is effective in the treatment of vitiligo for a number of reasons. Given the number of nutrients included in Novitil, the exact mechanism by which Novitil reverses the depigmentation of the skin is unclear.

However, it is likely that the trace elements, peptides and lipoproteins supplied in Novitil possess antioxidant and immunomodulatory properties which can prevent further destruction of melanocytes as well as protect melanocytes and encourage increased production of melanin.

Specifically, the active ingredients of Novitil enhance the ability of melanocytes to respond to ultraviolet irradiation (whether for sunlight or special UV lamps).

Therefore, Novitil stimulates melanocytes to produce more melanin.

Furthermore, the active ingredients of Novitil inhibit the inflammatory processes that causes depigmentation of the skin.

Some of the trace elements included in Novitil possess antioxidant properties. Therefore, they can help reduce the oxidative stress placed on the skin by reactive oxygen species and free radicals.

Some of polypeptides included can also help prevent the autoimmune attack on melanocytes and ensure the survival of more melanocytes.

Therefore, the overall result produced by the active ingredients of Novitil is the rapid repigmentation of vitiligo patches.