Coverderm Concealer


Unique waterproof, hypoallergenic formula to conceal dark eye circles and pigments all day long.Read more


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SPF 30 and anti-aging factors act synergistically to protect and help reduce wrinkles and fine lines around the sensitive eye area. Different from other simple cosmetics in terms of staying power even under water and has strong concealment properties.

  • Waterproof
  • All-day Wear
  • SPF 30 Sun Protection
  • Vitamin A&E for Anti-Aging
  • Contains Rosa Moschata
  • Non-comedogenic


Coverderm Concealer is available in six shades. Shade 1 is very bright to hide dark spots Shade 2 is for light skin, usually in the winter Shade 3 for normal white skin Shade 4 for easily tanned skin Shade 5 is darker and warmer for the (slight) Mediterranean skin Shade 6 is for light African or Mediterranean skin.


Size 0.17 oz, 5 grams


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