Coverderm Perfect Face


Non Comedogenic Cream Based Make-Up for the face. Long-lasting (24hrs) make-up with a natural satin-mat finish. Don’t know which color suits your skin color best? Order a Trial Kit with 9 colors.Read more

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This sheer, waterproof and highly protective make up, provides a long-lasting, smooth, even coverage without clogging skin pores. Perfect face offers perfect coverage of Acne, Couperose, Vitiligo, Age Spots, Sun Spots, or use as a long-lasting facial make up when you feel your facial skin tone pale. Ideal for anyone looking for a long-lasting (24hrs) make-up with a natural satin-mat finish.

  • Creamy
  • Easily Applied
  • Waterproof
  • PABA-free Sunblock SPF 20
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Non-comedogenic
  • Compatible with Acne-Prone Skin
  • Not Interacting with Any Skin Treatments


11 available Shades:

  • Shade 1 is a very light shade, which is used to cover dark spots.
  • Shade 2 and 3 are suitable for light skin, color 2 has a pink undertone and color 3 yellowish.
  • Shade 3A is between shade 3 and 4 and is slightly warmer than shade 3.
  • Shade 4 and 5 are suitable for normal light skin, where 4 is suitable for the normal light skin, and 5 for the slightly tanned skin. Shade 4 is somewhat rosier than 5.
  • Shade 5A: between 5 and 6, with 5A slightly warmer than shade 5 and slightly lighter than shade 6.
  • Shade 6 is suitable for tanned skin and light Mediterranean skin.
  • Shade 7 is a dark, warm color for African skin types and has a slightly red undertone.
  • Shade 8, with 7 the darkest brown color is ideal for Hindustani skin types with a yellowish undertone.
  • Shade 9 is a bright complexion and particularly suitable for Mediterranean skin types through the olive undertone.

How to use

  1. Clean your face with the Coverderm Removing Cream through a tissue.
  2. Determine your complexion.
  3. Apply the Coverderm Skin Protector
  4. Apply the desired amount of Perfect Face with the fingertips or a sponge. Make small, moving movements.
  5. You can choose to fix the Perfect Face with Coverderm Finishing Powder. Apply a large amount of face to the face and brush off the excess powder with a brush.
  6. Perfect Face is waterproof. You can only remove the product with a waterproof makeup cleaner such as Coverderm Removing Cream. Apply on the face and take it off with a tissue.

For an instructional film how to make Coverderm the best, look at our Youtube channel


Size 1.69 fl oz, 50ml