Coverderm Perfect Legs Fluid


Coverderm Perfect Legs fluid is the liquid version of the ordinary Perfect Legs. Also available in darker shades! Don’t know which color suits your skin color best? Order a Trial Kit.Read more

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Coverderm Perfect Legs Fluid is a waterproof makeup that perfectly cover all spots and imperfections on the legs and body in cases of vitiligo, eczema and acne, but also to varicose veins, stretch marks, scars, burns, moles, birthmarks, bruises and tattoos. Because of the liquid composition it is easy to apply and gives a natural result. Coverderm Perfect Legs Fluid is also available in dark colors so people with dark skin finally are able to obtain a good camouflage. Despite the liquid structure, Perfect Legs Fluid covers very good and stays long.

Perfect Legs Fluid comes in a handy pump, so you always use the right amount.


Perfect Legs Fluid is available in 8 different shades. Choose your color:

  • Shade 50 is light, slightly darker and slightly more pink than Perfect Legs 1
  • Shade 53 is for the light skin and resembles the Perfect Legs 2
  • Shade 56 is suitable for the normal white skin. Slightly darker than the Perfect Legs 3
  • Shade 59 is suitable for tanned fair skin and is much darker than Perfect Legs 4 and a bit orange colored
  • Shade 62 is suitable for tanned fair skin and resembles the Perfect Legs 5
  • Shade 65 is used for tanned white skin and light Mediterranean skin and is slightly darker than the Perfect Legs 6
  • Shade D1 is dark, warm color for light African skin types and has a somewhat red undertone. This one is very similar to the Perfect Legs 7.
  • Shade D4 is the darkest color, suitable for African skin types.


Size 2.53 fl oz, 75ml

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