Sun Body Plus SPF50+


Waterproof, lasts all day long. High protection and after sun in one convenient spray bottle.Read more


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Vitiligopatients have to be extra careful not to burn. now the solution is available: Coverderm Filteray Body Plus has a very high protection factor of 50 and after sun in 1. While sunbathing, the skin is already taken care for. Only one application per day is enough, even in swimming and sweating.

Body Plus sunscreen comes in a handy spray bottle.


Spray bottle 5.07 fl oz/ 150 ml


The Filteray Prime-line is aimed at providing added value in solar protection, premium quality at affordable prices. Filteray Face Plus and Body Plus have a unique “all natural filters” formula and a revolutionary, all day long sun protection. Most important features: Protection from the sun and after sun care (2 in 1). It is enriched with a combination of special active ingredients that extra hydrate and refresh. Dynamic combination of 7 photo stable filters to ensure maximum effectiveness and safety. Protection against UVA and UVB. Water resistant, hypoallergenic, clinically tested and a variant for all skin types.


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