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Ideal professional brush for tanning face, hands and feet. To be used with both spray and mousse. Read more

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MARC INBANE’s kabuki brush is designed by a team of leading professional makeup artists. The bristles are flat finished for a beautiful blending and leveling of the product. In addition, they are treated with a special coating so that they do not absorb the product, which makes the brush truly unique!

Thanks to the hypoallergenic and antibacterial treatment of the hairs, they are even suitable for the most sensitive skin types.

How to use

Method 1:

  • Spray directly onto the skin as described with the Natural Tanning Spray
  • Let the tanning spray dry for 10 seconds
  • Then move the brush over the skin in fast and smooth movements for an even result
  • Let the spray dry for 10-15 minutes, this can be accelerated with the help of a hair dryer

Method 2:

  • Spray a little tanning fluid on the hairs of the brush
  • Slightly drain off the excess liquid on a tissue
  • Then move the brush over the skin in quick, smooth movements.
  • Allow the spray to dry for 10-15 minutes, this can be speeded up with a hair dryer

Cleaning tip:

Wash the hair of the Kabuki Brush with alcohol-free soap or shampoo. Then rinse regularly with water until only clear water is flushed out of the brush. Do not push too hard on the hairs of your brush, this is bad for them. The hairs can then stand apart. It is better to do ironing movements during the cleaning. Use lukewarm or cold water. Do not place the Kabuki Brush on its side or with the handle at the bottom to dry and make sure that the water does not come in contact with the wood of the brush, as it may cause the glue to come loose.

Properties of the Marc Inbane Kabuki Brush

This multifunctional Kabuki Brush does not lose any hairs and is ideal for applying, updating and evenly spreading the tanning spray on the face, hands and feet. Thanks to the special coating, the Kabuki Brush will not absorb a product, this makes this brush unique!

With the brush no spots or marks will appear so you can enjoy a beautiful and even-tanned complexion.

The brush can also be used for an even, easy application of foundations, creams, emulsions and powders.

Frequently asked questions about Marc Inbane products

Self-tanners can help minimize the visibility of vitiligo. This can be done in 2 ways:

  1. Apply the spray very precisely on the white spots with the brush and let it gradually overflow on the outside of the spot into normal brown skin.
  2. Spray the entire skin (preferably with the help of the Marc Inbane glove) and let it dry. If you see a color difference between normal skin and the vitiligo spots, after the spray has dried properly (after approx. 3 hours) you can do the vitiligo spots again with a brush.

Pigment spots are often darker on the skin than the rest of your body. If you use a self-tanner, the pigment spots can become even darker. It strengthens the pigmentation and freckles you already have.

What can you do in avoiding spraying pigment spots? Apply foundation / petroleum jelly that closes the skin and spray the tanning spray on the body or face. This creates a beautiful, more even color and you will see the pigment spots less.

Scars are often lighter on the skin than the rest of your body. A color can make scars less visible.

This can be done in 2 ways:

  1. Apply the spray very precisely to the scars with the brush.
  2. Spray the entire skin (preferably with the help of the Marc Inbane glove) and let it dry. If you see a color difference between normal skin and the scars, after the spray has dried properly (after approx. 3 hours), you can do the scars again with a brush.

Cellulite is often a little lighter on the skin than the rest of your body. A tan can make cellulite less visible.

This can be done in 2 ways:

  1. Apply the spray very precisely to the cellulite with the brush.
  2. Spray the entire skin (preferably with the help of the Marc Inbane glove) and let it dry. If you see a color difference between normal skin and cellulite, after the spray has dried thoroughly (after approx. 3 hours), you can do the cellulite with a brush again.

Varicose veins are often darker and red or purple. If you use a self-tanner, the varicose veins can become even darker. You do hide the red or purple color, so in that case it could be an option to use a self-tanner.

In most cases, it is better to use a foundation to camouflage varicose veins. Take a look at our extensive collection of well-covering, waterproof camouflage make-up.

  1. Exfoliate 24 hours in advance with the Marc Inbane Black Exfoliator.
    Scrubbing removes the old / dead skin cells, making your skin smooth and shiny again. This makes the end result after spraying fantastic and your tint is retained for longer.

  2. Why 24 hours in advance?
    After exfoliating, the pores remain open for some skins, if you spray, you spray the Tanning Spray into the pores, the pores close and you get black spots.

  3. Use the Tanning Spray the next day.
    Use the brush for the face and the glove for the body. It is also best to use the glove for small spots.

The Tanning needs 3 hours to fully do his job.
During these 3 hours you must not come into contact with water (do not exercise, clean, etc.)

After the 3 hours it has dried completely. It is best to shower after that time. At some point, the skin is saturated and an excess layer remains on the skin. This way you prevent stains in your clothes.

It is better to spray 2 thin layers than 1 thick one. Apply the second layer only after approx. 3 hours, then the color has developed and you will avoid becoming too brown.

  1. Shake the Tanning Spray slightly before use.
  2. If necessary, cover the hair, this is recommended for people with blond hair.
  3. You keep the Tanning Spray about 30 cm from the face. You go over the face in fast movements (kind of S-shapes). Don’t forget to pack your neck.
  4. Then you take the brushe and go in rotating movements over the face. This distributes the (possible) excess Tanning Spray and the skin becomes nicely even.
  5. Finally, to speed up the drying process, you could use a hair dryer.
  1. Shake the Tanning Spray before use.
  2. Grab the Glove and spray the Tanning Spray on the Glove. Keep a little distance and spread the product on the whole glove.
  3. Start with the largest surfaces – example legs:
    Start with your upper leg, the front and back. You can use the remainder to apply the product in your knees. Then spray on the glove again and start at your lower leg, the front and back, again using the leftovers for your knees and feet. Optionally, you can use the brush to blend over your feet.

There is no carotene in Marc Inbane products, so you don’t turn orange.

The Marc Inbane Tanning Spray works on your own pigmentation of the skin. So it works differently for everyone. The Tanning Spray adapts to the skin. You can determine the color intensity yourself. The more you spray the darker it gets. If you spray subtly, you get a nice glow (looks like you have been sitting in the sun for 1 or 2 hours). If you spray more generously, it will become a shade darker, but it will remain natural. Keep in mind that the product will continue to work for the first three hours and that your skin will get a touch darker. After spraying you do not immediately see the end result, it is only visible after 3 hours.

It is a matter of trying and seeing how exactly the color matches your skin. Especially if you only use the spray on the vitiligo spots, try it out to see how the color best suits normal skin.

One bottle can be used up to 60 times on the face or 8 to 10 times on the whole body.

The Tanning Spray is vegan (does not contain ingredients obtained from (dead) animals, such as keratin) and is animal friendly. The product has also been dermatologically tested and approved. There are NO silicones, metals, extra preservatives and parabens in our products.

Additional preservatives are normally required to extend the shelf life of the products. This is not necessary with the Tanning Spray because Marc Inbane uses a Bag on Valve system. This is a vacuum packed bag that is inside the Tanning Spray. This contains the 200 ml Tanning Spray. NO propellant (eg propane) is used for this, but compressed air.

Advantages Bag on Valve

  • The Tanning Spray can be used in any position, including upside down.
  • High spray quality
  • The product sprays nicely.
  • Good for the environment.

If the product falls or is hit hard, this bag may tear off the valve causing the liquid to come loose in the vial and the pressure to drop. When the nozzle is then pressed, nothing comes out. If you shake a spray that has been dropped, you will feel and hear the liquid sloshing. These products are not exchanged by us.

When shaking with a faulty spray and you feel and hear nothing, the nozzle is probably clogged. This is easily solved by placing it in lukewarm water or by placing another spray nozzle. You can request this from us.

Marc Inbane self-tanner spray is hypo allergenic, so the product can also be used on sensitive skin. We hardly hear people respond to these products. But of course it can always happen that someone is allergic to Aloe Vera / Ginkgo or similar.

The nice thing is that dermatologists and doctors who know the Marc Inbane products advise it for people who have cancer, for example, who are no longer allowed to go to the sun because of the chemists. (Women who are pregnant can also use these products). We are not always fully aware of the latest treatment methods, so always check with your doctor, but until now they can just use it.

The Tanning Spray has a shelf life of 2 years if the product is still closed.

Best cosmetic product of the year 2016

How to use the Marc Inbane natural tanning spray: How to use the Marc Inbane spray for the hands: How to use the Marc Inbane brush: How to use the Marc Inbane glove:

Tanning takes place in the top layers of your skin. These outer layers are called Epidermis. The Epidermis itself is also made of different layers. The top layer of the Epidermis is the stratum corneum, which can be colored with self-tanning products.

Most self-tanning products contain self-tanning substances such as DHA, Erythulose and DMI obtained from natural sources.

DHA or Dihydroxyacetone

DHA has been used for self-tanning products since 1970, but it was not until the late 1980s that the cosmetic industry achieved better results. The products then became less orange and more brown. For example, it was found that a higher concentration of DHA provides a deeper browner color.

High quality DHA responds to the dead skin cells that form the top layer (stratum corneum) of your skin. Your skin color changes immediately. This change is temporary because it only stains your dead skin cells and your skin constantly produces new skin cells.


Actually, Erythrulose and DHA do the same thing. They respond to the amino acid in the dead skin cells and give your skin a brown color. Eruthrulose is a Ketose which also reacts with the amino acid Keratin. This reaction produces brown colored polymers (compounds that consist of a whole series of the same molecules) called Melanoma. On its own as an ingredient, Erythulose doesn’t do much. But in combination with DHA, it works together to give a streak-free and even result. It also ensures that your color lasts longer and also fades away evenly. Your color looks natural, but it also fades naturally.

Cosmetic Color Guide

Instant Tan products always contain a Cosmetic Color Guide. This is an added color to the self-tanner, so you really see color immediately when you apply it. It supports you in applying and shows you where you have applied the self-tanner. It also gives your body a direct sun-tanned look. However, this Color Guide is purely cosmetic and washable. After washing off the Cosmetic Color Guide, your true “lasting” color will become visible.

The Marc Inbane natural tanning spray lasts for 3-5 days.

The Marc Inbane natural tanning mousse lasts 7-9 days.

For both products, the color slowly fades.

On the hands and face, the color can fade faster, because they are washed more often. You can update these places in the meantime with the brush.

Both the spray and the mousse are pleasant to use, hypo allergenic and caring. Some people prefer a spray, this allows you to work very accurately in combination with the brush. For larger areas, a spray is easy to apply. The color of the mousse lasts longer than that of the spray. You should always use the mousse in combination with a glove. With the spray you have to be more careful that you protect the environment, for example, put a towel on the floor when you spray.

In short, the spray and the mousse are both equally good for all skin types and surfaces. It is personal what you prefer. If you don’t know, take a look at the video tutorials to see what you like better.

Yes that is allowed.

Being pregnant and using self-tanner? Are you pregnant but still want a tan? The use of self-tanners is the safest option. There are no known reports suggesting problems during or after pregnancy, or while breastfeeding.
It is wise not to use the product on lips, nose and eyes. When using a tanning spray, you should not breathe the mist.

Although there are no known risks of using self-tanners during pregnancy, an allergic reaction can sometimes occur. During pregnancy this can occur more often because the hormone balance is running at full speed and the skin becomes more sensitive. It is therefore wise to perform a skin test 24 hours before you want to use the self-tanner.
For anyone who already had skin problems before pregnancy, we recommend to consult their doctor before use.

Marc Inbane products are suitable for both men and women. If you have a lot of hair, the spray will be a little easier to apply.

Yes, this skin can sometimes become a bit more gray, so you can create a beautiful glow with the tanning spray.

Whether you cover / camouflage the vitiligo spots with the Tanning Spray / Mousse has not yet been tested. It is expected that you will have to apply the vitiligo spots at least several times with the spray or mousse.

Exfoliating before tanning removes impurities & neutralizes the skin, which leads to a smoother result and a longer retention of your complexion. Exfoliate your skin at least 24 hours before using the self-tanner.

Yes, this can be used very well together. The self-tanner ensures that the supreme skin cells temporarily discolour. If the self-tanner has dried well (after 3 hours) use Novitil in the usual way, so apply twice a day. In addition, you should expose the vitiligo spots to the sun 2 to 3 times a week or use a UVB light therapy lamp as per schedule. However, pay extra attention that you do not burn, because the self-tanner does not prevent burning of the skin but it makes the signs of burning less visible.

The self-tanner ensures that the supreme skin cells temporarily discolour. This does NOT provide sun protection. Therefore pay extra attention that you do not burn, because the self-tanner makes burning of the skin less visible.

Yes, you can continue with the UVB Light Therapy according to schedule, possibly in combination with Novitil. The self-tanner ensures that the supreme skin cells temporarily discolour. This does NOT provide sun protection. Therefore pay extra attention that you do not burn, because the self-tanner makes the burning less visible.