Sun Face Plus SPF50+


Waterproof, lasts all day long. High protection and after sun in one tube, especially for the face. Read more


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Vitiligo patients have to be extra careful not to burn. Now the solution is available: Coverderm Filteray Face Plus has a very high protection factor of 50 and after sun in 1. During sunbathing, the skin is already cared for. You only have to apply sunscreen once a day, even in swimming and sweating.

This sunscreen for the face is available in 3 tones so you can simultaneously camouflage your white spots. Choose from neutral (no color), light beige or soft brown.

Additionally, you can choose the sunscreen in dry/sensitive skin or normal skin.


You can choose from the colors:

  • neutral
  • light beige
  • soft brown

Skin type

You can choose sunscreen for the skin types:

  • dry / sensitive
  • normal


The Filteray Prime-line gives you a premium quality for affordable prices. Filteray Face Plus and Body Plus have a unique “all natural filters” formula and a revolutionary, all day long protection against the sun. Most important features: Sun protection and after-sun care (2 in 1). It is enriched with a combination of special active ingredients that moisturize and give extra comfort. Dynamic combination of 7 photostable filters to ensure maximum effectiveness and safety. Protection against UVA and UVB. Water resistant, hypoallergenic, clinically tested and a variant for all skin types.


Size 1.69 fl oz, 50ml


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