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Gel for depigmentation regulation and vitiligo management. Suitable in combination with UVB phototherapy or the sun. VitiPro raises the sensibility to sunlight, therefore apply (more than) 1 hour before you expose to sun or UVB.

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Why is Vitipro gel in the Vitiligo store?

In cooperation with dermatologists and the Czech/Slovakian branch of Vitiligoshop, we have created a new and improved product for you – Vitipro gel.

Vitipro gel was developed in a specialized laboratory using the latest knowledge about vitiligo for people suffering from this disease. The combination of active ingredients: Superoxide dismutase (SOD), Psoralea seed oil (Babchi oil), copper, zinc and vitamin B5 and B12 contributes to skin pigmentation.

Product effects:

– improves the regulation of skin depigmentation in patients with vitiligo

– regenerates melanocytes

– helps restore natural production and the amount of melanin

– inhibits the development of vitiligo and prevents the development of a progressive phase

– increases efficiency and shortens long-term UVB therapy

Why opt for Vitipro gel?

– The best and most effective product on the market for people with vitiligo

– Unbeatable price

– Dermatologically tested

– Meets the strictest standards

– Made in the EU

– Pleasant smell

Directions for use:

Apply an appropriate amount of gel on thoroughly cleansed and dry skin, including the peripheral areas, in the morning and evening. Thoroughly massage the gel into the skin with circular movements using your fingertips. By massaging, apply sufficient pressure and warmth to achieve optimal release and absorption of effective enzymes into the skin. After the morning application, it is advisable to expose the treated area to sunlight during the day for half an hour a day without sunscreen and without make-up. Or use it in your UVB treatment. Apply Vitipro gel twice a day on the affected areas for 4 to 12 months. Vitipro stimulates the sensitivity to sunlight, apply at least one hour before sun exposure. If you have a sensitive skin, you might react to strong to sun or UVB exposure. In that case, apply VitiPro only in the evening.


Superoxide dismutase (SOD) eliminates free radicals and restores antioxidant balance.

Babchi oil (Psoralea seed oil) as the main component of Vitistop gel, stimulates melanocytes to synthesize melanin – a pigmentary agent.

Copper and zinc stimulate tyrosinase – the enzyme that causes excessive pigmentation.

Vitamin B5 and B12 aid in the synthesis of melanin.

Calcium Panthothenicum important for melanin synthesis as well as copper absorption.

Plastic bottle 50ml

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