Customer reviews

Here are some experiences using Novitil. As you can see, it is important to use Novitil as instructed for the best results.

Dear Mrs,
I just ordered a 2nd charge of Novitil with you and I can say that I still see results and this in a period of one month. Super glad I am , I could shout it from the rooftops to each vitiligo patient, finally a product that works, and not harmful (cfr. Cortizone-creams).
Annelies, Aalst (Belgium)

Good afternoon Jeannette, I bought Novitil a couple of weeks ago and would like to let you know that it is starting to work. On my chest some white spots are already gone. So I’m extremely happy with it. I wanted to tell you here !! Sincerely, Annemieke, Delft

Dear Jeanette, Ordered the second bottle of Novitil from you a few weeks ago and got the first new pigment spots on my hands (and a little under my eyes)after a few weeks ! Success! Greeting, Mr. G.H.

A long time I’ve been searching for a good way to treat my vitiligo patches. Finally I found a fantastic product: Novitil. You should, however, be very consistent and remain in treating the spots, if you do so after some time you will see improvement, smaller and smaller white spots. I’m happy with it, finally a product that helps.
Sincerely, J. V., Vlijmen

I have over 30 years of vitiligo in my neck. Had all kinds of treatment, including: Medical Tattoo, mini-grafting, etc., but nothing helped, at least not optimal. After my summer holiday in December 2010 I suffer from red / burning spots around my white spots and a lot of my neck. It seemed that my white spots became larger! This is the reason that I have been looking for “something” new to treat my vitiligo. Until I read the positive comments from other users Novitil. Frankly, I was initially quite skeptical about it, but I wanted to try it anyway. I am now two weeks with the treatment process, use Novitil combined with red light or artificial UV light. I see that changing my spots of color, dark dots, light pink, and light brown (all together). I hope that my patience will be rewarded. After waiting thirty years, finally result thanks Novitil.
Ira – Holland.