Self-tanner for vitiligo, pigment spots, cellulite, scars or varicose veins

You can use a self-tanner for various skin conditions. With a self-tanner you camouflage the imperfections, for a confident and brilliant look!

Self tanner vitiligo

With the Marc Inbane self-tanner you can camouflage white spots on the skin nicely. You spray the tanning spray or use the mousse for a nice result that lasts for days. Ideal for a vacation or if you want to wear shorts in the summer and do not want to use camouflage makeup every day.

The self-tanner face and body is suitable for all skin types and for both men and women.

With the Marc Inbane tanning spray or tanning mousse you will tan without sun!

How to use the self tanner:

1. At first scrub the skin with the Marc Inbane scrub (optional)
2. Wait for at least 24 hours before you apply the self tanner
3. Spray the self tanner on the Marc Inbane Kabuki Brush or Glove
4. For vitiligo: Apply a first layer on the white spots, lightly spread it out over the borders of the white spot
5. If this does not cover enough, wait for minimum 15 minutes and apply a second layer on the white spot ánd the normal skin
6. After applying, wait for 15 minutes to dry the self tanner before you put your clothes on. Please be careful with light clothes, it still can stain a little.
7. Do not shower or use any water on the spots within 3 hours of applying

Please check the videos on this page. They show how to apply the self tanner in a right way.

However, self tanner is no perfect camouflage. Coverage is not as good as for example Coverderm foundation. If you want perfect coverage, you should use a product like Coverderm, which is a foundation that you have to get on and off every day. Self tanner covers a bit less, but stays on for 3 to 9 days, which is very nice if you are on a holiday or don’t want to use any make-up.

Use of self-tanner Marc Inbane Natural Tanning Spray on a vitiligo skin

What is the best self-tanner for vitiligo?

We have chosen the self-tanners from Marc Inbane, a renowned Dutch brand with very high quality of self-tanning products. The self tanning products have a beautiful complexion, are not orange, and are easy and beautiful to apply yourself with the special glove and / or brush.

The spray tan vitiligo is widely used by people who want to temporarily camouflage their white spots. It is easy to use and provides long-term coverage of approximately 5 – 9 days. This vitiligo tanning is suitable for sensitive skin and rarely or never gives an allergic reaction.

Self tanner pigment spots

Pigment spots are often a bit darker than the surrounding skin. These are nicely concealed with a self-tanner. By applying a little Vaseline on the pigmentation before using the tanning spray, you ensure that the pigmentation does not darken and the difference will become smaller.

This spray tan pigment stains is easy to use and has a pleasant fragrance. Sometimes people wonder: are these self-tanners bad for the skin? The Marc Inbane self tanner is even suitable for sensitive skin.

Self tanner scars

Scars are often lighter than the surrounding skin. With self tanning products you can take the scars with you nicely and they will become less visible. Simply spray the tanning spray directly on the skin or on the self-tanning glove and ensure a beautiful, even brown skin.

Self tanner cellulite

Cellulite is often a little lighter than the surrounding skin. The Marc Inbane self-tanner provides a beautiful shiny glow and makes your cellulite less noticeable.

With the brush or glove you apply the spray or mousse nicely to the skin. This way your skin will get a nice tan without sun!

Self tanner varicose veins

Self-tanners are also used for varicose veins. Unfortunately, the result here is often less beautiful. The skin does become nicely brown. The varicose veins are often darker, but also often blue or purple. Experience shows that a good covering camouflage cream from Coverderm works better for this. To choose the right color Coverderm camouflage, you can order a sample set.

Video tutorials on how to best use the self-tanner.

How to use the Marc Inbane natural tanning spray:

How to use the Marc Inbane spray for the hands:

How to use the Marc Inbane brush:

How to use the Marc Inbane glove: 



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