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There are different ways to deal with your vitiligo. Because vitiligo is getting more and more in the news and well-known people such as the American model Winnie Harlow visibly show that they have vitiligo, it seems that acceptance of vitiligo is becoming more common. But not everyone finds it equally easy to accept his or her vitiligo. VitiligoShop offers you care and support for your vitiligo. You can use Novitil®, a thin, transparent gel that you apply twice a day and should be combined with natural sunlight or with a special UVB 311nm short wave lamp. Taking a daily multivitamin as a supplement to your healthy lifestyle can have a positive impact on your health.

DermaBest Novitil®: A gel for care and support of vitiligo

Novitil®  is a unique product for vitiligo spots. It cares and supports and is easy to apply!

Right now, while you’re reading these lines, lots of people are using Novitil®, making a tremendous difference in their lives.

Combine vitiligo cream with phototherapy

Regular use of Novitil® may be combined with an artificial source of Ultraviolet light (UVB Phototherapy) (instead of sunlight exposure).  Artificial ultraviolet light should only be used following directions from someone who is appropriately qualified, and has experience regarding its use in cases of depigmentation.

Frequently Asked Questions about Vitiligo cream

We have listed the most frequently asked questions about vitiligo cream below, if you have any other questions please feel free to contact us at

DermaBest® Novitil® is an advanced skin preparation for use in cases of loss of skin pigmentation from less severe light spots to complete skin discoloration (achromias). It is also used in processes that require a deeper tan. Vitiligo is a relatively frequent cause of skin depigmentation. Novitil is non-allergenic and causes no skin irritation.

Regular use of the product and exposure to light are of the essence.

DermaBest® Novitil® cares and support in cases of vitiligo. You should combine it with UVB or natural sunlight.

Often, doctors prescribe topical corticosteroid creams and ointments for vitiligo. An important possible side-effect of corticosteroid creams is thinning or weakening of the skin.

DermaBest Novitil is very appropriate to use on the face. Spots in the face, neck, chest, abdomen, inguinal, and perianal regions, and legs respond faster. Hands and feet take longer. The tip of the fingers is particularly difficult. In cases where the condition has been visible for many years, response to the cream  may be slower.

The hands take quite long. The tip of the fingers is particularly difficult. However, with prolonged use of Novitil® combined with UVB therapy you can use it for the hands.

There is no cure for this skin depigmentation disorder. However, you can definitely take care of it. However, if your vitiligo becomes active again, the white spots will return or appear in new spots.  When that happens, it is important to restart the use of Novitil® as soon as possible. The sooner you start, the better.

There are methods with which you might stop spreading the vitiligo spots.

If you search on the internet you will find some methods.

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