Recouleur® Vitamins

Clinical research shows that many people with vitiligo are deficient in folic acid, vitamin C, and B12. Other studies reveal copper and zinc are reduced in vitiliginous skin. Recouleur® combines the correct dosage of these strategic nutrients in one daily tablet.
Because it is natural, Recouleur® Vitamins can be used alone or with another vitiligo treatment.

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The Use of Vitamin Therapy for the Treatment of Vitiligo by Audrey VanStockum

The Use of Vitamin Therapy for the Treatment of Vitiligo provides an in-depth review of vitamins key to vitiligo, and invaluable insights on effective ways to treat this skin depigmentation disorder. Written by Audrey VanStockum – vitiligo sufferer and Recouleur® creator.

This book is ideal as a support for individual suffers and as a tool for dermatologists, general practitioners, and dermatology nurses.

Written in clear, compassionate language, this book lays out the role vitamins play in managing vitiligo. It draws on a host of studies dating back to a 1931 case study considered to be the forerunner to vitamin therapy for vitiligo.


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